Get On The Proven Path To Unlimited Growth, Maximum Profit ... And YOUR True Personal Freedom

... In ANY Market or Economy!

Locked Up By The Nonstop, Never-Ending CHAOS That

Keeps You From Doing What You Really Need & Want To Do?

From: Joe Hagan

Date: Just in time!

And This Is Where Most Agency Owner Dreams Die...

Somewhere between the thrill of owning your own agency ... and the complete and utter frustration of agency-owner reality.

Well, I'm here to tell you those days are officially over!


Because here’s something I get excited about ... 




Breaking the chains of an agency that’s become your day-to-day prison...

Your agency isn’t supposed to be your master...


It’s supposed to deliver your freedom...


And knowing that's possible for YOU fires me up!


So ... I want to introduce you to Freedom Through Systems® for Insurance Agency Owners.

A liberating program that will let you:

...Take control of YOUR kingdom so you can focus on what you WANT to do instead of what you HAVE to do!

Yes, Freedom Through Systems® Was Created So That Agency Owners Like You...

  •  ...who aren't natural managers
  •  ...who don't get juice from being structured and organized

...Can Actually Achieve The Freedom And Independence You've Always Wanted As A Small Business Owner!

(And if you have a management personality you're gonna lose your mind over what Freedom Through Systems® does for you!)

Let Me Show You How It Works:

It's kinda like getting your car fixed...


The mechanic can't actually fix "the car", right?


Now, follow me here, because this is a really important concept that could change your life right now...


The car, itself, canNOT be fixed ... BUT ...


The mechanic can fix the PART that's gone bad...

Step 1: Pick A Process Or Task

First, you pick just one process or task you want to get under control. A simple priority decision. Freedom Through Sytems® guides you to your smartest, most-effective priorities.

Step 2: Define The Best Way

Then, define the best way to execute that process to achieve YOUR goals and performance standards. Simple, easy-to-use Freedom Through Systems® tools execute precise steps to ... a) create your best client experience ... b) achieve maximum processing efficiency AND ... c) put the work where it belongs.

Step 3: Roll It Out

Last, you roll out your new high-performance, peak-efficiency workflow to your team...


And ... BLAM!


Instantly... there's a boost in agency productivity...


Instantly... your time is freed to focus on business-building, money-making activity...


Instantly... you're one step closer to your rightful inheritance...

Steve Gannon

Gannon Insurance Agency

“Joe Hagan’s Freedom through Systems is the blueprint to success for any insurance agency, large or small. Joe, as a former agency owner, knows systems and procedures for Insurance Agencies more so than anyone that I’ve ever met. If you want to get your Agency under control and make it more efficient, then you NEED Freedom through Systems – it’ll be the best investment in your Agency that you’ve ever made!

Jodi Maibach

The O'Neill Group

“From the moment we received the Freedom Through Systems manual, we knew we had found the person to take us to the next level. Joe knows the insurance industry inside and out, giving him the ability to understand all the moving parts of an agency, from management and sales to the smallest details of client service.”

Mark Reilly

Reilly Insurance LLC

“Joe’s Freedom Through Systems program is the best thing that could have happened to me. We’re writing more business, because the people that should be more focused on sales finally are. Conceptually, that idea makes perfect sense. But Joe’s program makes it happen in reality. Thank you for releasing my agency’s productivity.”

How Freedom Through Systems® Was
Forged In the Fires of Everyday Agency Life...

(Just in case you're wondering if this is some kind of b.s. academic theory!)


When I read that story I screamed … "How do I make THAT happen in my agency!"


Clearly, I couldn’t duplicate the technique literally with diagrams of my office...


But I turned the concept into a practical solution for insurance agencies and instantly achieved the same results!


The “I forgot” excuse was eliminated ... and ... I could hold my team 100% accountable!

Why true business systems are THE answer!

(No matter where you are in your agency's development!)